We love our local suppliers and their products!  When people invest their heart and soul into something it takes A LOT of courage to bring it into someone and say "I made this.... What do your think?  And could you sell it?"  Most of our local suppliers are people that have a great deal of commitment to their products and it shows in the end product that is presented to you the customer.

Some or our wonderful suppliers....

Bare By Bauer.  Beautiful beauty products made with LOVE.

Nulla.  Cleaning products that put the environment first.  From the ingredients to the packaging every step is about the quality of the product and its effects on the enviroment.

Zalicious.  Bath bombs, bubble bath bars and wax melts that smell awesome.

L & B Timber.  Timber slabs in pretty much any size.  Hand sanded sculptures and home wares.

Flowers of Bundaberg (Native Magic).  Lemon Myrtle is the key ingredient in all of these products - and its organic!

Larry.  Bent spoon and fork wind chimes

Aromatica Bargara.  Soy candles with beautiful fragrance and stunning presentation in glass jars that you will never throw away.

Tie Dye.  We love the colours of tie dye because they never get old.  And everyone could use THAT much colour in their day


We have many more small suppliers that have their own niche product that they love and sell through our humble store.  If you have your own product that you would like to bring to market we are usually happy to help, come in and talk to Chris to see if it will suit.