Is an ancient practice used by many Cultures to clear and cleanse spaces of negative energy.  In today’s modern world smudging is said to be effective in clearing negative entities/spirits as well as clearing stagnant energy from homes, offices and individuals.  It is a simple practice that can be carried out by anyone and here’s how it’s done….

  1. Take a moment to set your intention for the cleanse. Make a positive statement such as "Clearing negative, embracing positive" "I clear the darkness to make way for the light" "Releasing, letting go" Whatever resonates with you.
  2. Open all doors & Windows *this may include wardrobes if desired
  3. Light the smudge bundle and allow the smoke to waft as you move the smudge stick in circles, figure 8’s, up and down or in whatever motion you choose.
  4. As you move throughout your space, repeat your positive affirmation /mantra.
  5. In addition to cleansing your indoor space, you may also continue the smudging process outside, moving to each of the corners of your land.

*We like to split our bundle into 4 pieces at this point and place a piece of sage into each of 4 corners of the yard.

  1. When you have cleared the desired space you can put your stick out by rubbing it in the earth. Of course take the time to ensure it is completely extinguished before storing any unused remains in some kind of air tight container or wrapping. This ensures that when you are ready to use the stick again, it is easy to light.

Final note:  The frequency in which smudging is required can vary so we suggest at the change of the seasons, if you have recently experienced some unwanted spiritual encounter or  simply when you are feeling stuck in a negative experience, relationship or thought cycle.