Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Collection

Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Collection

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21


Citrine brings positivity and abundance, aiding Scorpios in their financial and personal growth endeavors while helping them maintain a positive outlook and resilience.

Apache Tear

Apache Tear offers grounding and protection, supporting Scorpios in their release of emotional burdens and past traumas.


Aquamarine, the stone of courage and communication, aids Scorpios in expressing their emotions and embracing change.


Beryl fosters emotional healing and communication, assisting Scorpios in their relationships and self-expression.

Boji Stone

Boji Stone offers grounding and energy balance, helping Scorpios maintain balance and connect with their inner selves.


Charoite inspires spiritual growth and transformation, encouraging Scorpios to explore higher realms of consciousness.


Dioptase enhances emotional healing and inner strength, helping Scorpios release past emotional burdens and find empowerment.


Emerald, the stone of love and abundance, encourages Scorpios to nurture their relationships and emotional wellbeing.


Garnet inspires vitality and courage, supporting Scorpios in their journey towards inner strength and passion.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond fosters clarity and insight, aiding Scorpios in their mental and spiritual pursuits.


Hiddenite inspires spiritual awareness and insight, helping Scorpios connect with their higher selves and inner wisdom.


Kunzite promotes emotional healing and self-love, guiding Scorpios in their pursuit of inner harmony and well-being.


Malachite encourages emotional healing and insight, aiding Scorpios in their journey towards self-discovery and emotional clarity.


Moonstone enhances intuition and emotional balance, guiding Scorpios in their pursuit of inner wisdom and emotional clarity.


Rhodochrosite inspires emotional healing and self-love, encouraging Scorpios to nurture their emotional well-being and relationships.


Ruby, the stone of passion and vitality, supports Scorpios in expressing their desires and embracing their intensity.


Topaz promotes inner strength and spiritual growth, helping Scorpios in their quest for transformation and empowerment.


Turquoise fosters protection and wisdom, aiding Scorpios in their journey towards inner peace and self-expression.


Variscite enhances emotional balance and self-love, guiding Scorpios in their pursuit of inner harmony and self-care.

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