Taurus Zodiac Crystal Collection

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Collection

Taurus: April 20 - May 20


Emerald, the stone of love and abundance, encourages Taureans to open their hearts to joy and prosperity.


Aquamarine, the stone of courage and communication, aids Taureans in expressing their ideas and embracing change.


Azurite enhances intuition and insight, guiding Taureans in their quest for knowledge and self-discovery.


Kyanite fosters clarity and communication, helping Taureans express themselves with honesty and balance.


Kunzite inspires love and emotional healing, encouraging Taureans to nurture their relationships and self-esteem.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli promotes self-awareness and wisdom, assisting Taureans in their journey towards inner truth and enlightenment.


Malachite encourages transformation and emotional healing, aiding Taureans in letting go of the past and embracing growth.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings love and compassion, supporting Taureans in their relationships and self-care practices.


Rhodonite enhances emotional balance and self-love, guiding Taureans in their pursuit of harmony and well-being.


Selenite fosters clarity and spiritual growth, helping Taureans connect with their higher selves and inner wisdom.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye promotes strength and protection, aiding Taureans in maintaining focus and achieving their goals.


Topaz promotes confidence and personal power, supporting Taureans in their pursuit of success and self-expression.


Tourmaline offers grounding and protection, supporting Taureans in their quest for balance and security.


Variscite inspires Taureans to embrace change and personal growth, aiding them in finding their unique path to success.

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