Mini Chakra Gif Pack

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Balance your chakras and reconnect with the energy of the universe.
Warm with subtle notes of earthy sweetness | Reminiscent of sacred incense

Give the gift of emotional harmony and spiritual elevation with this divinely aromatic Chakra Mini Gift Pack. Simultaneously uplifting and grounding, the Chakra Balancing aroma is a complex, all-encompassing blend of 25 of the most inspiring pure essential oils to help balance and harmonise your energy centres. This gift pack is the perfect mini ritual to help you flourish in vibrant wellness.

Mini Chakra Gift Pack includes:
Chakra Balancing Balm 30g + Chakra Balancing Mist 50mL


Chakra healing focuses on the seven energetic, life-force centres in our bodies (chakras): a philosophy originating from ancient, esoteric Tantric Indian practises. By balancing our chakras, we realign and restore body, mind and spirit to harmonic vibrational resonance – allowing us to self-heal, unleash our potential, and live a life of vibrant wellness. The 25 pure essential oils in our signature Chakra Balancing blend have been divinely curated for perfect vibrational balance; helping you align your internal energy with the energy of the universe.


• sweet orange • bergamot • lavender • ylang ylang • geranium • mandarin • cold pressed lime • patchouli • frankincense • Atlas cedarwood • clary sage • vetiver • rosemary • cypress • rose absolute • Australian sandalwood • ginger • juniper berry • may chang • neroli • sage • everlasting • jasmine absolute • pink lotus absolute • rose otto •


Chakra Balancing Mist
+ Mist from head-to-toe and around your space before yoga, meditation, or whenever you need to feel cleansed and rebalanced
+ Create a ritual by misting over your crown to evoke harmony, inspiration and spiritual elevation
+ Ideal to use alongside mindfulness practices
+ Carry with you everywhere for aromatherapy on-the-go

A note for wheat and gluten sensitivities: This product contains ingredients derived from wheat. If you are wheat or gluten sensitive, we recommend doing a small patch test using our testers on your skin prior to purchase.

Chakra Balancing Balm
+ This divinely aromatic, smooth-textured balm is made entirely from natural and organic ingredients
+ Blend of 25 precious essential oils to encourage a harmonious energetic resonance
+ Cultivate a feeling of balance in body, mind and spirit by massaging the balm into your temples, shoulders and feet
+ Receive the benefits of aromatherapy quicker with a fast-absorbing balm
+ This balm also makes a beautiful natural, solid perfume

A note for vegans: This product contains beeswax and therefore, is not vegan.